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Video Games Don’t Need to Grow Up

“Video games need to grow up.” How many times have we heard that phrase? There’s always some group of cultural critics who wants video gaming to “engage the culture” or “embrace its potential” or some other thing. If only they’d … Continue reading

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To the Heroes of America: A Memorial Day Tribute

To the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines that lost their lives so that America may be free: you were heroes all.

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Games Are Easier Today, and That’s Fine

Once upon a time, video games were difficult. Many had to be finished in one sitting, or you had to remember many passwords. Tutorials were rare — that’s what manuals were for. The games themselves were quite difficult to clear, … Continue reading

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Hard Questions for Libertarians

Libertarians have a pretty sweet political platform: freedom. No nannying regulators telling you that you can’t open a store without a million permits. No licensing regimes meant to protect established businesses. No SWAT teams bursting into people’s homes and shooting … Continue reading

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Brings the Lightning: A Review (No Spoilers)

Brings the Lightning by Peter Grant Published by Castalia House (2016) $4.99 Brings the Lightning by Peter Grant (I have profiled the author here) is a relaxing read, approximating the slow pace of life in the book’s Old West setting. … Continue reading

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Pokemon’s Pro-Gun Viewpoint

Pokemon — those creatures that wow with their amazing powers and easy collectibility — show no signs of stopping. As long as the little critters pull in cash for Nintendo, there will always be more, and it will be impossible … Continue reading

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A Simulated Universe Has a God

As I’ve wandered through the internet, I’ve come across a rather bizarre yet interesting idea: that the universe we live in is not real, but simulated. A simulated reality helps us explain the weirdness of quantum physics and the fact … Continue reading

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Atheism’s Dire Paradox

Atheism is sold as a modern, up-to-date way of thinking, free from the superstitious baggage of religion. Instead of following the rules of an imaginary creature, you get to do whatever you please, for reason and science do not put … Continue reading

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Kaze no Stigma Disguises Romance as Action

When you think “romance,” you think of something sentimental or slow-moving, with a strong emphasis on emotion and feelings. Anime romances in particular dial up the sex jokes as far as they can go and do not let go. But … Continue reading

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Frank Frazetta Is 100% Correct

The late Frank Frazetta speaks the truth. How did we ever allow the dour puritans of Social Justice to shame us even a little bit?

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