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Captive Audience of Social Justice

By now, everyone has noticed the march of social justice types through various geek media; no longer content with film, television, and publishing, they have invaded comics, video games, and tabletop games, to scrub it clean of “problematic” content. If … Continue reading

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Mutiny in Space: A Spoiler-Free Review

Mutiny in Space by Rod Walker Published by Castalia House (2016) $4.99 Mutiny in Space offers the reader a fun sci-fi read for a good price. Mutiny in Space is a sci-fi novel written with an emphasis on realism and … Continue reading

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Civil War: Immediate Impressions

Below are my immediate impressions of Captain America: Civil War. I will spoil the hell out of the movie, so be warned.

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Peter Grant: A Real-Life Action Hero

Many times in fiction, we watch heroes go on great adventures, fight villains, and save the day. As much as we admire and enjoy this, we tend to think of these things as fictional, false, fake. I’m here to tell … Continue reading

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