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The Missionaries (A Review Unspoiled)

The Missionaries by Owen Stanley Published by Castalia House (2016) $4.99 When academic theories collide with practical reality, fun is had by all and sundry. The Missionaries is a hilarious book that will have you turning the page to see … Continue reading

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The Problem with Proposition Nations

The United States of America is not a nation of bloodlines, the common refrain goes. Brave patriots founded it on an idea — the idea of individual liberty, of shaping your own destiny, of leaving behind the dead weight of … Continue reading

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Maker Faire 2016: What I Saw

I visited the National Maker Faire 2016 at the University of DC. There were throngs of people at each exhibit, and the technology that people made was a real joy to look at; there were devices that did useful work, … Continue reading

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A Place for Mark Kern

Mark Kern (Twitter handle @Grummz), developer of the original Starcraft, has been suspended from Twitter as of this posting for disobeying the dictates of Social Justice. [UPDATE: Mark Kern (Twitter handle @Grummz) has returned.] Kern, if you’re around, you can … Continue reading

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Pussycats! This Is Why the West Loses! (review)

Pussycats: Why the Rest Keeps Beating the West by Martin van Creveld Published by DLVC Enterprises (2016) $6.99 (Kindle) $11.95 (Paperback) This book will open your eyes to how hollow the armies of the West have become. Renowned Israeli military … Continue reading

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Is Naruto the Last Great Anime Franchise?

I’d say that Naruto is not the last great anime franchise. However, here’s why I’m asking this question. As many of you know, Japan’s birth rate is quite low. With a total fertility rate of only 1.4 children per woman, … Continue reading

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Censorship: This Time, It Is the Government

“It’s only censorship if the government does it.” Every time there’s news that a developer is removing content from a game, the social justice crowd rushes in to remind us all that “censorship” can only be done by governments. Pretending … Continue reading

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God, Robot: I, Spoiler-free Reviewer

God, Robot Edited by Anthony Marchetta Published by Castalia House (2016) $4.99 I did not expect a book about Bible-believing robots to be this good. The premise of God, Robot seems very silly at first: a corporation builds robots that … Continue reading

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