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Further Developments on the Crusade to Censor Conan

Yesterday night, I put up a post condemning two feminist crusaders’ attempts to censor the Conan board game. Near the end of that piece, I said it was possible that Monolith could remove the content that the feminists wanted removed, … Continue reading

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A Clarion Call to Censor Conan

UPDATE (11/23/2016): Dragon Award-winning author Brian Niemeier brings the pain. Also, the Reddit board KotakuInAction has some very good comments from people familiar with the Conan mythos. UPDATE 2 (11/23/2016): Further developments here. There is hope. UPDATE 3 (11/23/2016): Here’s … Continue reading

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At the Earth’s Core (Appendix N Review)

At the Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs Originally published A. C. McClurg (1914) Republished by Waking Lion Press (2006) Free (Kindle) $11.95 (Paperback) David Innes and his good friend Perry are testing a drilling device intended to help prospectors … Continue reading

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Silenced: Our War on Free Speech (review)

Disclosure: I backed this film on Kickstarter. Firings over Facebook posts. Beatings over votes in national elections. Facebook and Google taking it upon themselves to decide what news should be seen. And then colleges and universities working overtime to silence … Continue reading

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The Multiverse Is Everything

One thing I noticed with the Doctor Strange movie (which I review here) is the constant talk of the Multiverse. It is described as an infinite number of universes connected together, and Strange and the other mages depicted in the … Continue reading

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Hard Work Update

Another week, still more work to do. On that front, I have some bad news and some good news.

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Doctor Strange (spoiler-free review)

Stephen Strange is a well-respected neurosurgeon, very gifted at his trade and quite well-paid. While speeding along a mountain road, his car is rammed and extensive nerve damage costs him the use of his hands. Since no medical procedure in … Continue reading

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Why Ninja Are Highly Visible

We all know about the ninja. All-black suits. Shuriken. Kunai. Smoke bombs. Magic ninja arts. We also know that all of this is historically inaccurate, since a spy who wears distinctive outfits and carries obvious weaponry is no spy at … Continue reading

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