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Sword & Flower is Available Now!

Today is an auspicious day. The first of my entries into the ongoing Pulp Revival is now available to buy. I drafted this novelette in November and revised it earlier in this month. It’s finally complete and it’s ready to … Continue reading

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Castalia House Post of Gor

Over at the Castalia House blog, I briefly discuss the Gorean Saga’s publication history — and how shaming campaigns brought that series down.

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A Request for Superversive Books

The folks at Superversive SF have put out a request for published work that reflects a spirit of hope even in dark times, free of nihilism. The aim is to create a list of stories that is easy to share, … Continue reading

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Fear of a Pulp Planet

Bloggers Jeffro Johnson — whose Appendix N book I spotlighted here — and Jon Mollison, both of whom I’m acquainted with online, have made much of the “Pulp Revolution,” a nascent literary movement intended to turn modern sci-fi and fantasy … Continue reading

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Jeffro’s Writings on Appendix N Are Now on Amazon

DISCLOSURE: I blog at Castalia House, where Jeffro Johnson is the current webmaster. As the readers of this blog are no doubt aware, I have been reading and reviewing the works of “Appendix N,” the list of books that inspired … Continue reading

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Artist Spotlight: Frenone

Edited to mention Frenone’s correct nationality. She is Dutch, not American. While traveling through Twitter, I see many pictures. Most merit a simple reply or retweet, but the picture above really caught my eye the way it looked hand-drawn and … Continue reading

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Castalia House post: OVA, the Anime Role-Playing Game

Today is a great day, for I have made my first post over at the Castalia House blog. It goes into detail about the strengths and weaknesses of OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game, a game I backed on Kickstarter and … Continue reading

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A Princess of Mars (Appendix N Review)

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs Originally published A. C. McClurg (1917) Republished by Wilder Publications (2015) $1.99 (Kindle) $7.95 (Paperback) Meet John Carter, clean-limbed fighting man of Virginia. A veteran of the War Between the States, he … Continue reading

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Rogues! (review)

Rogues! (Vol. 1-6) by El Torres, Juan José Ryp, and Rubén Rojas Published by Amigo Comics (2013-2014) $11.94 (total) Hey, comic fans. Tired of this? Yeah, that and more is what’s on offer from Marvel. Fortunately, my wanderings through the … Continue reading

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Forbidden Thoughts (review)

Forbidden Thoughts Edited by Jason Rennie Published by Superversive Press (2017) $4.99 DISCLOSURE: I know the editor and most of the authors in this anthology through social media, e-mail, and blogging. I was also given a free review copy by … Continue reading

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