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Castalia House Post: In Defense of Backstories

Over at the Castalia House blog, I defend the concept of the backstory after it is sharply criticized. No less a character than John Carter of Mars has a backstory, albeit a simple one.

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Sword & Flower Free for Five Days

Good news, everyone! My novelette Sword & Flower will be free for the next five days, from February 12 to February 17 inclusive. Come and read a story about a Japanese pop star and an English Puritan who team up … Continue reading

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Castalia House Post: Mai-Otome and Feminine Heroism

Over on the Castalia House blog, I discuss Mai-Otome and its treatment of heroism as a feminine role.

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Not Feeling the Trump Immigration Plan

“Hey, what’s up with that title?” I hear you saying. “I thought you hated political correctness! Now here you are, criticizing the most politically incorrect President since Andrew Jackson for one of the most politically incorrect policy initiatives ever done!” … Continue reading

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The Guidebook Rules

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that Monica Valentinelli, not Jim C. Hines, wrote the article; Hines merely hosted it on his blog. I was cruising the internet one day when I came across an article by author Monica Valetinelli about the … Continue reading

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