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Castalia House Post: War of the Ruby

Over at the Castalia House blog, I talk about Brian K. Lowe’s War of the Ruby, which could be found in Cirsova Vol. 5. As for why blogging has been so light, it is because I am working on a … Continue reading

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A Sudden Rescue of Male-Female Polarity

NOTE: This analysis contains spoilers. Yesterday, I reviewed Jon Mollison’s new book Sudden Rescue at the Castalia House blog. Though the book was fairly short, it didn’t feel short; all of the action and details were relevant, with no meaningless … Continue reading

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Jeffro Johnson Critiques with an Iron Fist

Seriously, why aren’t you all on Jeffro Johnson’s Google+ yet? Great discussions of sci-fi and fantasy take place there on a regular basis, all from a prespective you don’t typically see in the SF/F critical space. Come on and join … Continue reading

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Castalia House Post: Sudden Rescue (review)

At the Castalia House blog, I review my Twitter buddy Jon Mollison’s new book, Sudden Rescue. It’s a fast-moving tale of a space trucker and his lovely princess; any sci-fi fan would enjoy it.

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Iron Fist: Results

I have completed my viewing of the Marvel Netflix series Iron Fist. The show proved to be quite entertaining and dramatic, with lots of neat twists and turns, as well as several places where it surprised me and caught me … Continue reading

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