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Castalia House Post: Deus Ex Magical Girl

Today on the Castalia House blog, I spotlight Deus Ex Magical Girl, an anime blog focused on the magical girl genre. That blog is worth looking at juse for the takedown of Cardcaptor Sakura, though it has other excellent content … Continue reading

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Better than a Hiatus: Ending Distraction with Technology

A few days ago, I mentioned that I would go on a “social media hiatus” due to the amount of time it ate up. However, I’m sure you’ve seen me posting to social media since that time anyway, although not … Continue reading

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Social Media Hiatus

I’ve decided that social media is taking up too much of my time. As a result, I will stay off Twitter, Facebook, Gab, and Google+ until the end of July. That being said, I will still answer e-mails and private … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman (review)

“Wait a minute, Rawle,” I hear you saying. “After what you wrote in that last post, you saw the movie?” Yes I did, because my local theater did not have a woman-only showing, and the studio itself didn’t promote these … Continue reading

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