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Now at PulpRev: Woman Scorned ~怒妻大敵~

My flash fiction adventures at the PulpRev website continue with a new work I call “Woman Scorned.” In this one, a wife seeks to avenge her son, whom she was forced to kill by a cruel daimyo.

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In the Face of Gaming, Hollywood Lives

Much is made of the fact that the game industry as a whole pulls in more money than the film industry as a whole. This is sometimes taken as evidence that gaming is set to eclipse film (and even television) … Continue reading

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My Casual Gaming

I own both Fire Emblem Heroes and Fire Emblem Fates. While both are good games, I noticed that I play Heroes a lot more than I do Fates; indeed, I rarely pick up Fates at all. I thought about it … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Iron Fist as I Watched It

The following is a series of thoughts that went through my mind as I watched the Iron Fist series on Netflix. I had written this at the time I initially watched the show, but decided to hold off on posting … Continue reading

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Observations on K. C. Undercover

One day, a friend of mine put on the Disney Channel comedy K. C. Undercover, about a family of secret agents with a teenage daughter and son, as well as a group of friends who are also secret agents. As … Continue reading

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Peter Grant’s Western Redemption

After a bad start, Peter Grant did it. Rocky Mountain Retribution proved to be far better than his original Walt Ames novel, Brings the Lightning (reviewed here.) In fact, one can read Retribution as a standalone since not much happens … Continue reading

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The Problem of Writing Circles

Writing is a solitary activity, done on a messy desk in the dead of night. Authors type out word after word, wondering if anyone would want to read the tales they spin entirely in their head and, even better, pay … Continue reading

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Now at PulpRev: Sword Maid ~剣術メイド菊田舞~

Lately, I have been writing flash fiction for the PulpRev website, the online home of a literary movement known as the Pulp Revolution, which seeks to bring the adventurous and heroic style of classic sci-fi into the modern age. My … Continue reading

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A Civil Conversation on Twitter about Books

While looking through my Google+ feed, a tweet by Twitter user @quartzen was brought to my attention (archive here.) Featured SF display at my local B&N yesterday- one white female author, the rest white men, so many duplicate authors and … Continue reading

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Filler of Gor (Nomads of Gor — Review)

My reviews of Gorean Saga books 1-3 can be found here. Recently, I finished Nomads of Gor, the fourth book in the controversial Gorean Saga, and I have to say that it’s a colossal letdown. There is far too much … Continue reading

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