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My Thoughts on Batman & Harley Quinn

With a friend, I ended up watching the recently released Batman & Harley Quinn. I had heard of the complaints about Harley Quinn’s character, but I ignored them and looked at it anyway, since they complain about sexy female characters … Continue reading

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Don’t Pay for Free-to-Play, or What Fire Emblem Heroes Does Right

NOTE: I am not being paid to write this. I’m just a fan of both Avengers Alliance and Fire Emblem Heroes. Once upon a time, there was a Facebook game called Avengers Alliance. It was a game of RPG-style battles … Continue reading

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Why There Are So Many Fighting Females

The Action Girl — a female hero or villain who physically fights — is a common and beloved trope throughout all of popular culture. However, it is also somewhat unrealistic, for the average man is stronger than the average woman. … Continue reading

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The Kevyn Winkless Master Formula

NOTE: To see the formula image more clearly, open it in a new tab. A social media buddy of mine named Kevyn Winkless had come up with a handy formula (pictured above) for writing flash fiction, a formula I’ve taken … Continue reading

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