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Of Conservatives and Art

UPDATE: Brian Niemeier responds. UPDATE 2: Daytime Renegade responds. Recently, Brian Niemeier put up a post criticizing conservatives for abandoning their ideological allies in the workplace whenever SJWs demand their firing. He asserts that conservative claims of high principle are … Continue reading

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In Which a Fairy Beats Up Monsters

Here’s some footage of me playing a game from a while back. It’s called Fairy Bloom Freesia, and it’s available on Steam. In this beat-em-up, you play a fairy with martial arts skills who has to guard a magic tree … Continue reading

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The Nadir of Neo Yokio

From nadir (n.) — the lowest point Neo Yokio is one of the worst shows on Netflix. The voice acting is poor, the plot is unfocused, and the characters are flat. The main character Kaz Kaan is emotionless and … Continue reading

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Neo Yokio (review)

Kaz Kaan is an aristocratic mage in the city-state of Neo Yokio. Descended from a long line of demon hunters, he patrols the city at the behest of his aunt Agatha, earning money to support his lavish lifestyle. Considering himself … Continue reading

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Now at PulpRev: The Sword That Breaks Stone ~斬岩刀~

On the PulpRev website, I’ve put up a new story: The Sword That Breaks Stone. In it, a ronin seeks to steal a legendary sword so he can regain his honor. You may read it here.

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Why My Hero Academia Will Remain a Cult Hit

UPDATE: JD Cowan responds. As I said before in my analysis of Deku, My Hero Academia is one of the best anime out right now, and it is well worth your time to watch it. That being said, however, My … Continue reading

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Growing up with Manga

It was the early 2000s. 9/11 had happened, and the War on Terror dominated the news. Broadband was only beginning to spread. Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter did not yet exist. Most video games were still purchased physically, in stores. I … Continue reading

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Izuku Midoriya: The Anti-Snowflake

My Hero Academia is one of the best anime currently in progress. It is not a grimdark bloodbath. It is not a trippy experimental piece. It is not a harem. It is an exciting, action-packed series with an optimistic bent … Continue reading

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The Teenage Girl’s Robot Army — Some Thoughts

Before we get to the story, let me tell you how it came to be. Just so you know, I wrote this story long before I read any pulps or Appendix N work, and long before I had any contact … Continue reading

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A List of Links

Today, I show you some interesting links I found throughout the internet. —– (Three-act structure does suck. The “second act” always needs more meat.) “IT’S THIS WHOLE DULL FOCUS ON BEGINNING, MIDDLE, AND END, WHICH MAKES SOME BASIC SENSE IN … Continue reading

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