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Yokio Jokio

Through an incisive article by JD Cowan on the decline of pop culture, I found a trailer for a new anime-style Netflix series called Neo Yokio: I thought that, at the very least, it would be a cringe volcano, but … Continue reading

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Now at PulpRev: How to Slay a Bandit ~山賊を殺す方法~

Another day, another story at PulpRev. This one, “How to Slay a Bandit,” is about an herbalist who is taken away by dragon-riding bandits and must figure a way out. Have fun reading this one.

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Romantic Weapons

Yesterday, I spoke of why ancient weapons such as swords captivate modern audiences. But I thought on the issue some more and realized that the past isn’t the only source of idealized weaponry, for there are two other instruments of … Continue reading

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The Swords of Our Fantasies

We live in an era of truly destructive weaponry: Automatic rifles, precision guided missiles, nuclear bombs. They are delivered by tank and by plane, by ship and by rocket. Comptuer technology has taken this to another level, allowing for delivery … Continue reading

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I Heard Light Novels Were Good, but I Read Some and Was Disappointed!

Light novels: a form of popular literature in Japan, comparable to the pulps of yesteryear. They eschew high literary aspirations in favor of violence and sex. Lovely dames easy on the eyes, not mannish harpies drawn ugly, grace the covers … Continue reading

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Can Steemit Monetize Short Fiction?

It is well known that today, one cannot hope to make any real money at short fiction; the payouts are too small and even the biggest venues are too obscure, largely read not by general readers but by other authors … Continue reading

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Constant Adventure vs. Constant Worldbuilding

A day before this posting, I finished reading Jon Mollison’s new novel, Adventure Constant, about an astronaut who gets stranded on an alternate Earth where battles are fought with swords and modern tech is nowhere to be found, but counterparts … Continue reading

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Waifu Emblem (Fire Emblem Heroes theme song parody)

Fire Emblem Heroes is one of my favorite games to play, and I highly recommend it to others since it is one of the games that does the free-to-play formula right. It even has a nice theme song (linked above, … Continue reading

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Now at PulpRev: For a Bowl of Rice ~飯一杯のために~

Another day, another story on PulpRev. This one, For a Bowl of Rice, is about a peasant who decides that fighting back is better than getting taxed to death. Have fun reading it.

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2.B.A. Master, Pokemon’s Surprisingly Good Soundtrack

Back in the innocent days of the 90s, a little Game Boy game from Japan called Pokemon took the US by storm. It became a national obsession, with a well-regarded television anime and a dizzying array of collectibles turning up … Continue reading

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