Artist Spotlight: Frenone

Edited to mention Frenone’s correct nationality. She is Dutch, not American.

While traveling through Twitter, I see many pictures. Most merit a simple reply or retweet, but the picture above really caught my eye the way it looked hand-drawn and painted, like something the artists of old would do. I clicked on to the artist’s profile and found that it was done by Frenone (Twitter, personal site), an artist from the Netherlands.

Frenone’s art has a beautiful, almost classical-looking aesthetic, which extends to her chibi drawings as well. I could easily see such art on the covers of books; these pictures are no slapdash job. Due to how professional her art looks, a Twitterer asked her if she planned to work for Blizzard; Frenone answered that she preferred to be freelance. Valuing one’s independence — not a bad sentiment to have. Support her on Patreon if you can.

Below the fold are my personal favorites from her portfolio.

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  1. Anthony M says:

    Thank you for this. I’ll contact her for my “Tales of the Once and Future King” anthology/novel. I need a cover artist for it, and as much as I love Cat Leonard, our unofficial-official artist at Superversive Press (and I mean that sincerely, one of her illustrations is literally framed and hanging on my wall, she’s fantastic), I don’t really think her style is a great fit for the sort of story I’m trying to tell.

    We’ll see what she says. Thanks again

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