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The Kevyn Winkless Master Formula

NOTE: To see the formula image more clearly, open it in a new tab. A social media buddy of mine named Kevyn Winkless had come up with a handy formula (pictured above) for writing flash fiction, a formula I’ve taken … Continue reading

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[REPOST] Why I Like Damsels in Distress

NOTE: This is a repost of an article I did for The Ralph Retort. The damsel in distress is one of the most criticized tropes in the modern era. It is considered the ultimate misogyny, and creators often apologize for … Continue reading

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Story Spotlight: The Witch of Elrica

The Witch of Elrica by Jennifer R. Povey Published in Cirsova Vol. 4 (pp. 45-55) DISCLOSURE: I paid into Cirsova’s Kickstarter, and I regularly communicate with the editor. Marek, bastard son of Ilvia’s king, has a longstanding rivalry with Petor, … Continue reading

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Castalia House Post: The Action Girl Mandate

On the Castalia House blog, I talk about an unspoken assumption in nearly all modern genre fiction — the warrior woman. Even conservative types are into it, and they would argue with you vigorously on why it is so necessary … Continue reading

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Castalia House Post: In Defense of Backstories

Over at the Castalia House blog, I defend the concept of the backstory after it is sharply criticized. No less a character than John Carter of Mars has a backstory, albeit a simple one.

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