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My Thoughts on Batman & Harley Quinn

With a friend, I ended up watching the recently released Batman & Harley Quinn. I had heard of the complaints about Harley Quinn’s character, but I ignored them and looked at it anyway, since they complain about sexy female characters … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman (review)

“Wait a minute, Rawle,” I hear you saying. “After what you wrote in that last post, you saw the movie?” Yes I did, because my local theater did not have a woman-only showing, and the studio itself didn’t promote these … Continue reading

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Men Who Want to See Wonder Woman Are Sexist Now

NOTE: It is, in fact, possible for men to see the movie on opening day. This post, however, is more concerned with the attacks on men who clearly want Wonder Woman to succeed. The news has spread that the Alamo … Continue reading

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Guardians of the Galaxy: The Anti-Rangers

The 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy serves as the perfect counterpoint to the recent Power Rangers movie. It succeeds everywhere Rangers failed, but it does slip up in the one place Rangers succeeded.

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Manufactured Heroes: The Case of the Power Rangers

As I wrote yesterday, male/female interchangeability is the default form of characterization in modern fantastical fiction, especially action adventures. It doesn’t matter whether it’s live-action film, video games, or anime and manga — wherever you have action adventure, you must … Continue reading

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Meditations on Male/Female Interchangeability

NOTE: I spoil Power Rangers 2017 a little bit. So I was at the movies earlier today to watch the new Power Rangers movie. I heard it was an okay movie, and I liked Power Rangers as a kid, so … Continue reading

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Doctor Strange (spoiler-free review)

Stephen Strange is a well-respected neurosurgeon, very gifted at his trade and quite well-paid. While speeding along a mountain road, his car is rammed and extensive nerve damage costs him the use of his hands. Since no medical procedure in … Continue reading

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Suicide Squad (movie review)

Daytime Renegade and I review the film Suicide Squad, the true Ghostbusters remake (Zuul The Enchantress is in it.) Also, stay a while and read my Appendix N Review Series. It’s spoiler-free, and you’ll find great reads.

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Civil War: Immediate Impressions

Below are my immediate impressions of Captain America: Civil War. I will spoil the hell out of the movie, so be warned.

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