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Now at PulpRev: For a Bowl of Rice ~飯一杯のために~

Another day, another story on PulpRev. This one, For a Bowl of Rice, is about a peasant who decides that fighting back is better than getting taxed to death. Have fun reading it.

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Castalia House Post: Rescue Run

At the Castalia House blog, I review Star Realms: Rescue Run, a novel by Jon del Arroz, a Twitter buddy of mine. Read the review here.

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Fear of a Pulp Planet

Bloggers Jeffro Johnson — whose Appendix N book I spotlighted here — and Jon Mollison, both of whom I’m acquainted with online, have made much of the “Pulp Revolution,” a nascent literary movement intended to turn modern sci-fi and fantasy … Continue reading

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Further Developments on the Crusade to Censor Conan

Yesterday night, I put up a post condemning two feminist crusaders’ attempts to censor the Conan board game. Near the end of that piece, I said it was possible that Monolith could remove the content that the feminists wanted removed, … Continue reading

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Binaural Beats — Do They Work, or Are They Woo?

I regularly read Mike Cernovich’s website Danger and Play — it’s a useful site that shows people how to handle the ups and downs of modern life without sinking into a pit of despair. His Gorilla Mindset book has a … Continue reading

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Real Permanent Open Thread

I just learned that WordPress pages don’t have comment threads, so here’s the true open thread right here; talk amongst yourselves, and sorry for any inconvenience.

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To the Heroes of America: A Memorial Day Tribute

To the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines that lost their lives so that America may be free: you were heroes all.

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