The Current Year Is Now 2017

2017: The New Current Year.

A new Current Year is upon us, and with it will come new opportunities, new challenges, and new surprises. As our corner of geekdom grows, we will change the face of sci-fi and fantasy, and be changed by the events that transpire around us, geek-related or not. The way forward is an open road, and it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Below, here are some important updates.

1) My short story, The Teenage Girl’s Robot Army, is available on Sci Phi Journal as a subscription read. Its central question is a salient one for our increasingly automated world: even if the problem of human employment was solved perfectly (as it is in my story), humanity will possess zero productive capability, becoming pure consumers. Since human beings will no longer be able to produce, the idea that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” — one of the bedrock foundations of human morality — will crumble as people seek to maximize what they could consume. Other people will become mere obstacles to that hedonistic bliss; after all, anything a human can do, a robot can do better, faster, and cheaper. What good is being your brothers’ keeper when all your brother does is eat up resources?

2) The next Appendix N review will be Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars. Unlike the other Appendix N books, I had read this one before, but it left me unimpressed. I am giving it another chance from the beginning, and my opinion may change.

3) I will be blogging at Castalia House, and I am to deliver my very first column on January 14. I already know what I plan to write about, so stay tuned to that blog or this one to see where I go with it. Of course, this blog will continue to be updated as normal.

4) The first stories of my Pulp Revival project will be released this year. Because of how the writing process works, I cannot promise exact dates, but I can guarantee you that come 2017, I will have pulps available for you all to enjoy — barring extraordinary circumstances, of course.

Happy New Year, everyone, and may 2017 take us to heights yet unseen.

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    >3) I will be blogging at Castalia House


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