Followers List

This is a partial list of my followers on Twitter, linking only people with blogs of their own. This is meant to act as anti-suspension security. If you do not want to be listed, leave a comment and I will remove it. Crossed-out Twitter handles indicate suspension.

Alexopoulos (@DaytimeRenegade) – Amatopia

Brian Niemeier (@BrianNiemeier) – Kairos

Caleb Q. Washington (@calebqwash) – His personal site

Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore) – Mind and Fist

Mirriam Seddiq (@mirriam71) – Not Guilty, No Way

Cyn Bagley (@CynBagley) – Cyn Bagley’s Shadowland

Dr. Vincent Cefalu Sr (@gumbaitaliano) – Coach Granddad

Kukuruyo (@Kukuruyo) – He does art commissions

Mark Kern (@Grummz) – League for Gamers

Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) – Danger and Play

Loren Feldman (@1938Loren) – He makes films and videos

More to be added soon.