Iron Fist: A Hypothesis

Inspired by Jeffro Johnson’s episode-by-episode reports on the Marvel Netflix series Iron Fist, I have decided to undertake a similar project: I will make several predictions about how the series will turn out, then make another post detailing how many of them came true and if they came true in any notable way. I have not read any of Jeffro’s reports, nor do I plan to until I have finished watching the series.

Now, on to the hypotheses.

(1) As with Doctor Strange, Danny Rand’s sensei or main advisor will be an old woman.

(2) He will not have a love interest of any sort.

(3) The woman seen in the trailer will be a tough action girl who will become just as strong as Rand. If Rand has a love interest at all, it will be this woman and she will suddenly need to be rescued by him after becoming “just as strong.”

(4) The main villains will be either white ethnic mobsters, corrupt white businessmen, or some combination thereof.

(5) If there is a non-white gang or other organization at all, it will either be Triads, Yakuza, or both.

(6) Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or any combination thereof will be mentioned or alluded to.

(7) Any supporting police character will be a black woman — most likely Misty Knight.

(8) Claire the nurse will show up and help Rand in some critical way as she always does with the heroes of these series.

The relative political incorrectness of Daredevil Season 1 and Jessica Jones was a fluke. The former’s largely male-focused storyline (complete with non-combative female supporting character!) and the latter’s savage takedown of the Action Girl trope will not be repeated. Sure, they want to be entertaining, but they also have to hew to the ideological mandates of Hollywood.

Let’s see how the show turns out.

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3 Responses to Iron Fist: A Hypothesis

  1. Get ready to have your mind BLOWN.

    (Can’t recommend the show. I only watched it because I had the flu.)

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