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I have completed my viewing of the Marvel Netflix series Iron Fist. The show proved to be quite entertaining and dramatic, with lots of neat twists and turns, as well as several places where it surprised me and caught me off guard. However, in an earlier post, I made eight hypotheses about what the show’s content would be like. Now, I will report on how they all stack up.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

(1) As with Doctor Strange, Danny Rand’s sensei or main advisor will be an old woman.

FALSE. Danny Rand’s mentor is clearly shown to be a wise old man.

(2) He will not have a love interest of any sort.

FALSE. Danny falls for a woman named Colleen Wing, who runs a dojo. She teaches troubled teens there.

(3) The woman seen in the trailer will be a tough action girl who will become just as strong as Rand. If Rand has a love interest at all, it will be this woman and she will suddenly need to be rescued by him after becoming “just as strong.”

TRUE. The woman in the trailer — Colleen Wing — is indeed a tough, non-superpowered Action Girl, capable of dropping much larger and stronger men. Said tough girl becomes Danny’s lover a little over halfway into the series. And there comes a point where she does need rescuing, though it is poison that holds her captive, not enemies (she is captured by enemies too, but she rescues herself. What, you thought they’d allow a damsel in this show?)

(4) The main villains will be either white ethnic mobsters, corrupt white businessmen, or some combination thereof.

TRUE. The main villains are first Ward Meachum, then his father Harold. Both are shady white businessmen.

(5) If there is a non-white gang or other organization at all, it will either be Triads, Yakuza, or both.

TRUE. A Chinese Triad makes an appearance.

(6) Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or any combination thereof will be mentioned or alluded to.

TRUE. Daredevil is directly mentioned, Jessica Jones is alluded to when Joy Meachum says she hired a private investigator who gets drunk, and Luke Cage is described a few times (and it is implied that he wrote letters to Claire.)

(7) Any supporting police character will be a black woman — most likely Misty Knight.

FALSE. There is no supporting police character, and Misty Knight goes completely unmentioned.

(8) Claire the nurse will show up and help Rand in some critical way as she always does with the heroes of these series.

TRUE. Claire helps Danny several times, just as she did with the other heroes.

Result: 5 out of 8 of my hypotheses proved true. Like all of the Marvel Netflix series not called Daredevil, this one had a bit of a downer ending. I did notice certain things about the show, however, but that’s for another post.

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