Sword & Flower is Available Now!

Today is an auspicious day.

The first of my entries into the ongoing Pulp Revival is now available to buy. I drafted this novelette in November and revised it earlier in this month. It’s finally complete and it’s ready to take the world by storm.

I present to you: Sword & Flower!

Japanese entertainer Chiyo Aragaki — known to her fans as Dimity Red — is on the road to international success. Her music is in all the trendiest anime, and her fanbase’s enthusiasm fuels her passion to perform. Adept at gymnastics and manipulating ki energy, Dimity uses her skills to entertain the enraptured crowds.

However, she has caught the attention of a demonic evil. This dark adversary rips Dimity from the glamour and glitz of stardom and sends her to the beautiful yet ethereal realm of the Lesser Heaven.

A swordsman named Mash Marston resides in the Lesser Heaven which, despite the name, is not free from danger and death. Heroically defending his town against vile abominations, he is nearly killed but is saved by one who uses her powers to repel evil and heal wounds. Unfortunately, the powers that saved Mash and the town are also powers strictly forbidden among his people.

And Dimity will soon discover what this means when she shows up blasting ki.

Reflecting the best qualities of old school pulp fiction, Sword & Flower is one part Poul Anderson, one part Edgar Rice Burroughs, and one part Akira Toriyama.

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