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Responses to My Post on Conservatives and Art

My blog post yesterday about why conservatives shun the arts sparked a wide-ranging discussion, with Brian Niemeier, Daytime Renegade, Yakov Merkin, Jeffro Johnson, and many others chiming in. All of them disagreed with me, and the common theme of all … Continue reading

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Of Conservatives and Art

UPDATE: Brian Niemeier responds. UPDATE 2: Daytime Renegade responds. UPDATE 3: Yakov Merkin responds. Recently, Brian Niemeier put up a post criticizing conservatives for abandoning their ideological allies in the workplace whenever SJWs demand their firing. He asserts that conservative … Continue reading

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Artist Spotlight: Frenone

Edited to mention Frenone’s correct nationality. She is Dutch, not American. While traveling through Twitter, I see many pictures. Most merit a simple reply or retweet, but the picture above really caught my eye the way it looked hand-drawn and … Continue reading

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