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Fantasy Doesn’t Embrace 21st-Century Modernity

My Twitter buddy Benjamin Cheah recently wrote a long Facebook post about the new Beauty and the Beast movie, criticizing it for allegedly portraying 18th-century rural France as more progressive than it actually was. In response, a commenter (who did … Continue reading

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An Appreciation for the Fantasy Genre

I had begun my Appendix N Review Series as a way to see how the fantasy genre in the 1950s through the 1970s was different from today’s genre. Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect — I expected to … Continue reading

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Announcing the Appendix N Review Series

Through my reading of the Castalia House blog and other blogs, one name kept coming up whenever the history of sci-fi and fantasy was mentioned: Appendix N. Apparently, this was a list of works and authors that inspired Gary Gygax … Continue reading

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Frank Frazetta Is 100% Correct

The late Frank Frazetta speaks the truth. How did we ever allow the dour puritans of Social Justice to shame us even a little bit?

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