Nice of you to come! Welcome to my permanent home on the web. Feel free to read my posts, and I’ve got a game here if you’re interested. I’ve also got a novelette about a Japanese pop star and an English Puritan teaming up to fight a demon.

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My NaNoWriMo Rebellion

The weapon of creativity. (Photo by MAKY.OREL)


In a flash of inspiration over the weekend, I have decided to take up pencil and keyboard, I have decided to take up the literary struggle of National Novel Writing Month — NaNoWriMo! As I gathered my plan in my mind, however, I found that the official beginning of the challenge was nigh, and I had not yet completed my plot. Inspiration had come too late for me, and I would have too little time to bring a draft into the world.

So I declared rebellion.

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Doki Doki Literature Club! (Review)

A truly innovative dating sim that will set the bar for the genre going forward.

Somewhere in Japan, a high school boy walks to school with his childhood friend like he always has. This friend, a cheerful girl named Sayori, invites you to join the school’s literature club, which is filled with pretty girls who are into novels, poetry, and manga. There’s the brash and assertive Natsuki, the shy and timid Yuri, and the kindhearted club president Monika. The boy soon finds that he is growing attached to them, and must sort out his feelings while exploring the magic of the written word.

Welcome to Doki Doki Literature Club, a freeware game by Team Salvato.

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Now at PulpRev: Enemy at Blood River (Part V — Finale)

Mai gripped Sana’s chin with two fingers and made the smaller woman look into her eyes.

“I’ll never hurt you again, Sana. I love you.” With her free hand, Mai grabbed Sana’s wrist. Sana’s cheeks reddened, and her eyebrows raised. After a long pause, Sana spoke.

“You as well, Mai,” the young mage said. She leaned into Mai, and Mai pressed her lips against hers. The kiss deepened, and Mai wrapped Sana in her arms and lowered her to the grass.

Read the finale to Enemy at Blood River right here on PulpRev.

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Why Mecha Anime Are in Decline

Recently, a Youtuber named Glass Reflection posted a video talking about why mecha anime have declined in popularity in recent years.

In summary, he believes that the genre has exhausted itself, that the major franchises Gundam and Evangelion have crowded the genre out, and that audiences have become disillusioned with the idea of a spacefaring future.

All of these are sound reasons as to why the mecha anime has fallen out of favor. However, I believe that there is a far simpler reason, one that has nothing to do with stale plotlines or long-running franchises.

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Now at PulpRev: Enemy at Blood River (Part IV)

“While you suffered in detention, we made use of your lovely friend,” Hiroshi said.

Mai drew her sword. “General, how could you?” she asked.

“It’s quite easy. We noticed her beauty, so we satisfied our appetites. She’s quite soft to the touch, too.”

Read Part IV of Enemy at Blood River right here on PulpRev.

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Assassin of Gor (Review)

Tarl Cabot is dead.

Or rather, the world thinks Tarl Cabot is dead.

Under the guise of Kurus of the caste of assassins, Tarl and his slave girl Elizabeth Cardwell head to glorious Ar to infiltrate the house of the slaver Sernus to uncover his connections to the mysterious “Others” — enemies of the Priest-Kings. However, a former enemy moves among the streets, waiting to claim the abandoned title of Ubar.

This is Assassin of Gor.

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Two Non-Traditional Approaches to Space Opera

When one thinks of “non-traditional” space opera, one’s mind goes straight to the Hugo shortlists — Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice, John Scalzi’s Redshirts, Chuck Tingle’s Space Raptor Butt Invasion, and other such works. Most works of this nature come from SJW authors, usually to make a statement.

However, there are two non-SJW authors who have tried their hand at writing non-traditional space opera and succeeded: Jon Del Arroz with his novella Gravity of the Game, and Dominika Lein with her novella Reptilian Wanderer.

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Now at PulpRev: Enemy at Blood River (Part III)

Over at the PulpRev blog, I’ve put up another chapter of Enemy at Blood River, part of my “Age of Petty States” serial. Go read it.

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The Importance of Delta-V

Delta-v. (Picture by Fred the Oyster)

I first read about delta-v as it relates to space travel on Winchell Chung’s Atomic Rockets website. At first, I dismissed it as just another boring limitation on fun space opera adventure, a bit like his descriptions of why gigantic starships can’t work or why space fighters are useless.

But as I thought about how I’d write my own space opera, I considered supply needs in deep space, even in a Star Trek or Star Wars-style story: food and water would need to be carefully rationed, energy usage would have to be monitored closely, and one would have to pay close attention to how fuel is used.

That’s when it hit me. That’s when I realized what “delta-v” really signified.

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My Opinion on Modern SF/F

Recently, literary critic Jeffro Johnson, author of Appendix N: The Literary History of Dungeons and Dragons, did an interview with Jon Del Arroz about how RPGs ruined speculative fiction. In this interview, Jeffro explains how modern authors rarely bring their stories to a close, rely too much on origin stories, as well as over-explaining everything. Listening to it actually made me think on a few things.

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