Nice of you to come! Welcome to my permanent home on the web. Feel free to read my posts, and I’ve got a game here if you’re interested. I’ve also got a short story which has been accepted by the Sci Phi Journal; my story says that full automation will lead to legalized murder.

My social media followers are listed here, with their blogs. I also have a permanent open thread.

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I’m Now on Gab.ai!


Great news, everyone — I have an account on Gab.ai now! Gab.ai is a new social networking platform built on free expression and user engagement, not censorship and social justice bullying. No more arbitrary suspensions, no more political favoritism, just everyone talking to one another.

My username over there is @RawleNyanziFTL, same as on Twitter. Hope to see you all there!

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes Vol. 1 (spoiler-free review)


Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 1: Dawn
by Yoshiki Tanaka
Translated by Daniel Huddleston
Originally published in Japanese by Tokuma Shoten (1982)
Published in English by Haikasoru (2016)
$8.09 (Kindle)
$11.62 (Paperback)

In the far future, the monarchy of the Galactic Empire and the democracy of the Free Planets Alliance clash in deep space, fighting for ultimate supremacy in a great war that has lasted centuries. Evenly matched, neither side can gain ground against the other. However, two great commanders arise for each side: Reinhard von Lohengramm, born to an irresponsible father and forced t work his way up the ranks of the Imperial military, and Yang Wen-li, a middle-class boy who only wanted to study history, but got pushed into the Alliance military because it was the only way to pay for his education. As the two commanders battle each other in the depths of space, they develop a rivalry that will decide the future fate of their respective nations.

This is Legend of the Galactic Heroes, a fine political drama.

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The Planetary Adventures of Eric John Stark (Appendix N Review)

The Planetary Adventures of Eric John Stark

The Planetary Adventures of Eric John Stark
by Leigh Brackett
Originally published by Fiction House (1949)*
Republished by Wonder Publishing Group (2010)

* The Road to Sinharat was published in 1963.

Eric John Stark — also known as N’Chaka, the Man Without a Tribe — ventures through the Solar System, battling vicious tribal leaders, frightening monsters, and ancient spirits. Though he has the intellect of a civilized man, he retains the battle-hardened, savage nature imparted by his barbarian upbringing. With his dual natures, he outwits and outfights all opponents, civilized and barbarian alike.

Welcome to The Planetary Adventures of Eric John Stark.

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The Face in the Frost (Appendix N Review)

The Face in the Frost

The Face in the Frost
by John Bellairs
Originally published by Macmillan (1969)
Republished by Open Road Media (2014)
$6.15 (Kindle)
$9.99 (Paperback)

The wizard Prospero goes on a journey alongside his friend Roger Bacon. While on this journey, Roger Bacon is killed, and Prospero goes through the South Kingdom, looking for a way to bring him back to life.

Welcome to the disaster area known as The Face in the Frost.

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[UPDATED] Artist @kukuruyo suspended from Twitter for nothing

Kukuruyo signature

UPDATE: @kukuruyo’s account has been restored; it was suspended due to a so-called “pornographic header,” which he has now replaced. It may be visited here.

Original post:

In what has become a distressingly common trend, the Hugo-nominated artist @kukuruyo (who drew my logo) has been suspended from Twitter, with no reason given nor a date for unsuspension. As we all know, he has often mocked social justice warriors and he strongly supports free expression — and naturally, Twitter didn’t like that, so they punished him.

In a message on Patreon, he wrote:

My twitter account has been suspended. I’ve not been told why, and there’s no date for my unsuspension, so i’m guessing it’s permanent. I’ve sent a message to see wtf has happened, since i’ve not broken their rules.

See here for what to do in the wake of Twitter’s suspensions of non-SJWs.

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The High Crusade (Appendix N Review)

The High Crusade

The High Crusade
by Poul Anderson
Originally published by Doubleday (1960)
Republished by Baen Books (2010)
$6.99 (Kindle)
$12.00 (Paperback)

Among medieval Englishmen, aliens land, their towering spacecraft dwarfing primitive works. Men watch transfixed as a blue creature steps out, bearing weapons that incinerate men with casual ease. They have come to conquer, and England — no, all Earth — would lay prostrate before them, their lands surrendered and their people devastated.

But that’s not what happened.

Instead, brave English knights stormed the ship with sword, bow, and axe, and they slew all but one of the blue-skinned fiends. Led by Sir Roger de Tourneville, the knights forced the alien to operate the ship for them. They loaded up the entire population of the town of Ansby and thought they would fly to France and then to the Holy Land, but the alien deceives them, and the people of Ansby are taken to a planet in the alien empire. But the Englishmen remain undeterred, and they steel themselves for a battle unlike any they had ever faced.

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Real Permanent Open Thread

I just learned that WordPress pages don’t have comment threads, so here’s the true open thread right here; talk amongst yourselves, and sorry for any inconvenience.

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Suicide Squad (movie review)


Daytime Renegade and I review the film Suicide Squad, the true Ghostbusters remake (Zuul The Enchantress is in it.)

Also, stay a while and read my Appendix N Review Series. It’s spoiler-free, and you’ll find great reads.

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The Broken Sword (Appendix N Review)

The Broken Sword -- Poul Anderson

The Broken Sword
by Poul Anderson
Originally published by Abelard-Schuman (1954)
Republished by Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy (2014)

Hark! Gather ye, youths and lasses, for a fierce tale of Skafloc, stolen from his fair mother’s arms by warrior elves, and Valgard, Skafloc’s vile twin born of elf and troll blood. Where Skafloc becomes an honored swordsman in service to elf earl Imric, Valgard becomes a bloodthirsty berserker, slaying all who dare to oppose him. War brews between the races of troll and elf, and Valgard leaves his human family behind to serve the trolls. As sword and axe carve their savage design across all the lands of Faerie, Skafloc and Valgard edge ever closer to a fated clash of steel and blood, with naught but hatred for one another.

For this is the saga of The Broken Sword!

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Three Hearts and Three Lions (Appendix N Review)

Three Hearts and Three Lions (modern cover)

Three Hearts and Three Lions
by Poul Anderson
Originally published by Doubleday (1961)
Republished by Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy (2015)

In the 1940s, Danish native Holger Carlsen left an idyllic life in the United States to fight the Nazi forces that rampaged through his old country. In the midst of a heated battle, he is spirited away to a mystical realm that resembles the European Middle Ages, but with a twist: the magic and monsters of legend are real, and they threaten to overwhelm human society. Holger is given not only armor, a sword, and a horse, but the fighting and riding skills of a knight — and mysterious memories that haunted him at every turn. It turns out that Holger is a hero foretold to aid humanity in a great struggle against the chaotic, inhuman forces of the Middle World, and he has no idea how he would fill such big shoes.

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