Nice of you to come! Welcome to my permanent home on the web. Feel free to read my posts, and I’ve got a game here if you’re interested. I’ve also got a novelette about a Japanese pop star and an English Puritan teaming up to fight a demon.

My social media followers are listed here, with their blogs. I also have a permanent open thread.

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Castalia House Post: Deus Ex Magical Girl

Today on the Castalia House blog, I spotlight Deus Ex Magical Girl, an anime blog focused on the magical girl genre. That blog is worth looking at juse for the takedown of Cardcaptor Sakura, though it has other excellent content as well.

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Better than a Hiatus: Ending Distraction with Technology

Source: https://icebreakerideas.com/overcoming-procrastination/

A few days ago, I mentioned that I would go on a “social media hiatus” due to the amount of time it ate up. However, I’m sure you’ve seen me posting to social media since that time anyway, although not as frequently. Surely, this must be some lapse in discipline — just another tough talker on the internet not following through, right?

Wrong. It’s because I found a much better way to control my internet usage: anti-distraction apps.

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Social Media Hiatus

I’ve decided that social media is taking up too much of my time. As a result, I will stay off Twitter, Facebook, Gab, and Google+ until the end of July.

That being said, I will still answer e-mails and private messages, I will still go on any podcasts I’ve been invited to, and I will still write articles for the Castalia House blog. However, don’t expect me to join in whatever social media firestorm is working its way through the world wide web. If it’s important, just e-mail me or leave a comment.

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Wonder Woman (review)

Wonder Woman

“Wait a minute, Rawle,” I hear you saying. “After what you wrote in that last post, you saw the movie?”

Yes I did, because my local theater did not have a woman-only showing, and the studio itself didn’t promote these showings, as far as I know. The Alamo Drafthouse did not produce the movie. Anyway, on to the review — which, by the way, marks my 100th post on this blog.

On the hidden island of Themyscira, the Amazons train for a coming battle against Ares, the god of war. Diana, a child sculpted out of clay, practices combat under the tutelage of Antiope, one of the Amazons’ best warriors. However, when American pilot Steve Trevor crash-lands on Themyscira, the trouble starts; the Germans tailing him show up with him, and though they are defeated, the Amazons take several casualties in the process. Steve tells them of a war raging in the outside world (World War I), and Diana concludes that Ares is behind it, so she and Steve escape Themyscira and head off to end the terrible conflict.

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Men Who Want to See Wonder Woman Are Sexist Now

A man wanting to see this movie on opening day is apparently a “manbaby” now. I miss 2016.

NOTE: It is, in fact, possible for men to see the movie on opening day. This post, however, is more concerned with the attacks on men who clearly want Wonder Woman to succeed.

The news has spread that the Alamo Drafthouse, a theater in Austin, TX plans to host a woman-only screening of the new Wonder Woman movie. When men complained about this, they were met with the typical dismissive snark common from feminists. Many commentators pointed out that there would be outrage if there was a male-only screening of any movie, but the contempt shown by the Alamo Drafthouse — and the feminist support for it — pisses me off for a far different reason.

It punishes the men who wanted to financially support a female superhero movie by buying a ticket and watching it.

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Castalia House Post: My Hero Academia vs. Iron Fist

At the Castalia House blog, I compare My Hero Academia with Iron Fist. I put forth the argument that MHA beat Iron Fist at its own premise.

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Castalia House Post: My Hero Academia (Season 1)

This picture links directly to the first episode on Crunchyroll.

Over at the Castalia House blog, I give a spoiler-free review of the anime My Hero Academia’s first season. It’s a good series that would leave the viewer quite excited for more.

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Sword & Flower Finally Available in Paperback

At long last, it’s finally ready. My novella Sword & Flower is available in paperback.

“But wait,” I hear you saying. “Your book has been available in paperback for a while now. Why are you acting like it’s new?”

That’s because the paperback edition’s cover is now properly formatted. Let me tell you a story.

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Castalia House Post: War of the Ruby

Brian K. Lowe

Over at the Castalia House blog, I talk about Brian K. Lowe’s War of the Ruby, which could be found in Cirsova Vol. 5.

As for why blogging has been so light, it is because I am working on a short story for the 21st Century Thrilling Adventure anthology, and I really want to get it done soon. I had balled up and thrown away multiple concepts before finally settling on one that worked, and now I’m anxious to finish it in a reasonable time frame.

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A Sudden Rescue of Male-Female Polarity

NOTE: This analysis contains spoilers.

Yesterday, I reviewed Jon Mollison’s new book Sudden Rescue at the Castalia House blog. Though the book was fairly short, it didn’t feel short; all of the action and details were relevant, with no meaningless filler. What struck me, though, wasn’t the brevity or the heroics — though those certainly helped.

It was the relationship between the main character E. Z. Sudden and the space princess Karenina. It showed excellent sexual polarity.

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