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Spotlight: Tales of the Otori

I first encountered the Tales of the Otori series in college way back in the 2000s; I would often wander the college bookstore looking for reading material, and there it would be. As I was (and still am) an anime … Continue reading

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Sword & Flower Free for Five Days

Good news, everyone! My novelette Sword & Flower will be free for the next five days, from February 12 to February 17 inclusive. Come and read a story about a Japanese pop star and an English Puritan who team up … Continue reading

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Sword & Flower is Available Now!

Today is an auspicious day. The first of my entries into the ongoing Pulp Revival is now available to buy. I drafted this novelette in November and revised it earlier in this month. It’s finally complete and it’s ready to … Continue reading

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Castalia House Post of Gor

Over at the Castalia House blog, I briefly discuss the Gorean Saga’s publication history — and how shaming campaigns brought that series down.

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A Request for Superversive Books

The folks at Superversive SF have put out a request for published work that reflects a spirit of hope even in dark times, free of nihilism. The aim is to create a list of stories that is easy to share, … Continue reading

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Fear of a Pulp Planet

Bloggers Jeffro Johnson — whose Appendix N book I spotlighted here — and Jon Mollison, both of whom I’m acquainted with online, have made much of the “Pulp Revolution,” a nascent literary movement intended to turn modern sci-fi and fantasy … Continue reading

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Forbidden Thoughts (review)

Forbidden Thoughts Edited by Jason Rennie Published by Superversive Press (2017) $4.99 DISCLOSURE: I know the editor and most of the authors in this anthology through social media, e-mail, and blogging. I was also given a free review copy by … Continue reading

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The Secret Kings is Out!

My Twitter buddy — and Dragon Award-winning author — Brian Niemeier (Twitter, Gab) has a new book out: The Secret Kings, the third book in his Soul Cycle series. If you’re looking for good space opera from a writer who … Continue reading

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Tarnsman of Gor (review)

Tarnsman of Gor by John Norman Originally published by Ballantine Books (1966) Currently published by Open Road Media Sci-fi and Fantasy (2014) $7.99 (Kindle) $10.69 (Paperback) Tarl Cabot is a college professor from Great Britain who had accepted a teaching … Continue reading

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes Vol. 1 (spoiler-free review)

Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 1: Dawn by Yoshiki Tanaka Translated by Daniel Huddleston Originally published in Japanese by Tokuma Shoten (1982) Published in English by Haikasoru (2016) $8.09 (Kindle) $11.62 (Paperback) In the far future, the monarchy of … Continue reading

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