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A Former Trek Fan’s Comment on the Marketing of Star Trek Discovery

Reader and former Star Trek fan Gamera977 has more to say on Star Trek Discovery in a response to my post on start-a-fight marketing: Thanks Rawle, I was thinking they were going down the same route as the ‘Ghostbusters’ remake … Continue reading

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Moe Problems

On a Google Plus thread, JD Cowan discusses what led to the decline of the anime industry in the US: It was the perfect storm of bad management and the overseas industry going insular. There’s a reason there’s such a … Continue reading

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Musings on Anthologies

Anthologies seem to be a dime a dozen. You have Asimov’s, Analog, Clarkesworld, and Strange Horizons. You have Beneath Ceaseless Skies and you have Uncanny. And then there are magazines like Cirsova who cater to a completely different clientele than … Continue reading

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Now at PulpRev: Enemy at Blood River ~血の川にいる敵~

Over at the PulpRev website, I have uploaded yet another entry in my serial. In “Enemy at Blood River,” Kikuta Mai and Yonekura Sana — rendered outlaws for killing samurai — flee in search of protection from bounty hunters who … Continue reading

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Big Media Tries “Start a Fight” Marketing

While I have no plans to watch the recently released Star Trek: Discovery — both because of its premise and because I’m not a Trek fan — I have observed its pre-release marketing campaign over the past few months, and … Continue reading

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Responses to My Post on Conservatives and Art

My blog post yesterday about why conservatives shun the arts sparked a wide-ranging discussion, with Brian Niemeier, Daytime Renegade, Yakov Merkin, Jeffro Johnson, and many others chiming in. All of them disagreed with me, and the common theme of all … Continue reading

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Of Conservatives and Art

UPDATE: Brian Niemeier responds. UPDATE 2: Daytime Renegade responds. UPDATE 3: Yakov Merkin responds. Recently, Brian Niemeier put up a post criticizing conservatives for abandoning their ideological allies in the workplace whenever SJWs demand their firing. He asserts that conservative … Continue reading

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In Which a Fairy Beats Up Monsters

Here’s some footage of me playing a game from a while back. It’s called Fairy Bloom Freesia, and it’s available on Steam. In this beat-em-up, you play a fairy with martial arts skills who has to guard a magic tree … Continue reading

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The Nadir of Neo Yokio

From nadir (n.) — the lowest point Neo Yokio is one of the worst shows on Netflix. The voice acting is poor, the plot is unfocused, and the characters are flat. The main character Kaz Kaan is emotionless and … Continue reading

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Neo Yokio (review)

Kaz Kaan is an aristocratic mage in the city-state of Neo Yokio. Descended from a long line of demon hunters, he patrols the city at the behest of his aunt Agatha, earning money to support his lavish lifestyle. Considering himself … Continue reading

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